PeerReach Explained

Start talking about what is relevant now with the people that matter most. PeerReach analyses your connections and interactions to determine your interests, expertise and who is most relevant for you. Compare and assess your PeerGroups, levels of influence, and join conversations with like-minded people.

Topics & PeerGroups

PeerReach breaks down your followers so you can see where they are most influential. Your audience is separated into topics, where they are ranked based on their influence to help you easily locate relevant people to connect with. The people that make up a topic are collectively known as a PeerGroup.

Your Audience

Influence is determined by your audience; based on these connections and interactions PeerReach ranks you within a PeerGroup. You can also drill down into your connections' audience to discover new, relevant people to follow.

Join the right conversation

With over 400 million tweets a day, trust PeerReach’s unique algorithm and social analytics to ensure you’re talking to the right people about the things you care about. Sign up today and start influencing your relevant community.

Join the right conversation