The easiest way to integrate PeerReach in your own website or blog is by using our widget. Simply include one line of JavaScript and a single class name and all your links to PeerReach profiles will get relevancy information and will open up a popup with detailed information, here's an example:



First you need to create a link to a PeerReach profile like you would normally do. Only this time include an extra "peerlink" class name:

<a href="http://peerreach.com/ev" class="peerlink">@ev</a>

After you have included all the links, just insert the follow line of JavaScript

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://peerreach.com/js/widget.js"> </script>


You have several options to customize the button using the data atribute within the link:

Show only the PeerReach label without the link: @ev @ev

Show only the link without the PeerReach label: @ev

Use your own stylesheet for stylin the link: @ev